Custom Software Development

Nowadays market conditions give us a choice to develop software or use ready-made software products, tools and platforms. The choice is often complicated and ambiguous, but the final decision depends on many factors.
LANSOFT specialists are ready to provide technical advice and to offer the best solution that meets technical, functional and cost requirements. However, if commercial products or "open source" systems are not able to achieve the goal, LANSOFT is ready to offer you custom software development.

Custom software development has a number of very important features:

  • A deep understanding of the subject area of the customer is required for accurate execution of business requirements;
  • Professional technical skills in the field of software architecture are required;
  • A company should have organizational and technical experience in building large-scale applications;
  • Indicators of overall quality and performance, load resistance, software fault tolerance become crucial;
  • Flexibility to changes and scalability of the system to the requirements of the growing business is of strategic importance.

To solve these problems LANSOFT offers a range of services including the full development cycle of custom software for companies:

  • Business processes analysis;
  • Concept definition of the future software (together with the customer);
  • Studying of the similar solutions available on the market;
  • Requirements definition;
  • Design and prototyping;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Development, implementation and support.