IT-staff recruitment and outstaffing

Outstaffing services allow company management to pay more attention to the main tasks and development of the core competences of the enterprise.

LANSOFT hires the employee of the customer and is responsible for salary payments, taxes, HR and compliance with labor relations according to Belarus legislation. Outstaffing specialists are aware of the fact that they work for LANSOFT and our company is their employer. The employees hired by this scheme are able work at Lansoft as well as on site of the customer. A contract for provision of outstaffing services is signed with our customer.
The advantages of outstaffing with LANSOFT:

  • reduction of personnel administration costs;
  • the same number of employees, without changing the actual number of personnel, staffing compliance;
  • more flexible workforce planning;
  • providing a continuous record of service, appropriate social benefits;
  • elaborate document workflow;
  • possibility of including the employee into the staff list of the intermediary for the probation period, without taking on additional responsibilities;
  • providing full legal work with the staff, reliable legal support.