Maintenance and technical support

Software support is one of the most important aspects of IT services provision. This is especially critical for large enterprise solutions and highly available systems. LANSOFT offers its customers a multi-level scheme of software support that completely covers even the most stringent requirements for the organization of the process software support:

Helpdesk and software operation monitoring service

The specialists of this service continuously monitor software operation process, and in case of any problems (errors, questions or difficulties of end-users, software change requests) they provide support in scope of software manuals and a set of readymade answers to frequently asked questions. If the problem can not be solved quickly (within a brief time according to SLA) our help desk specialists escalate the problem to the next support level - Technical Support.

Technical Support

Technical Support Services conduct a more detailed examination of the problem which comes from help desk and, if necessary, fix or modify the software. The process of work on every issue by these services is similar to software development: request analysis, estimation of labor costs or a workaround offer, implementation, testing, updating the software version on the customer's side, changing operation manual and project documentation.

Technical support services cooperate with help desk colsely to provide timely information on the issue reasons and time for resolving them, and also for the accurate localization of the problem.

Project environment

This level involves not only timely solution of problems by the second level support specialists, but also full support of the environment of the software: systems of servers, data storage, software, including third-party software and infrastructure. Support includes resolving of all issues related to environment functioning and specialists training.